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Luana Vasconcelos

Concept always wins

Brief Introduction

Hello. I am Luana, 30 year old Senior Designer specialized in Data Visualization and Ideation.

My main line of work entices Zen and Minimalist Apps and IOT Mindful Experiences. Keywords: Neurology, Super Intelligence, IOT, UX360°

Place of Birth /
Place of Residence

Piauí, Brazil /
Sankt Gallen, Switzerland

+41 79 250 82 49
old portfolio


B.A. Social Communication at Universidade Estácio de Sá from 2004 to 2012
Teresina PI BR
+55 86 4003 6767

Specialised Coursework in Video Montage at SENAC in 2010
Teresina PI BR
+55 86 3228-9500

Specialised Coursework in Digital Design at SENAC in 2010
Teresina PI BR
+55 86 3228-9500


Conceptual Designer at 28M in 2018
St. Gallen, CH

Senior Web Designer at Cognizant IT from 2016 to 2017
Zürich, CH

Senior Concept Designer at Credit Suisse IT & UHNW in 2016
Zürich, CH

Screendesigner at AMMARKT AG in 2014
Sankt Gallen, CH

Digital Art Director at Jäger + Gejagte in 2013
Heerbrugg, CH
+41 71 733 35 51

My Specialities

The currency of life is time
The future of things is less

Working in an advertising agency was not an easy task as you need to work over night most of the time. However, this did not stop me from learning new skills, design processes and human relationships.

My current specialization is in Ideation, Blockchain and Super Intelligent Design.

Work Time per day
Countries inhabited


Public Politics in 2009

Received the highest concept prize by the Art Critics Association of San Paolo for the philantropy project on NCD

Instituto Dom Barreto / 1996 2003

Received finalcial support to study in a TOP5 Ranked School in Brazil



Brazilian Portuguese
American English
High German

Soft Skills

95 Complex Problem Solving
90 Innovator Mindset
80 Project Accountability
80 Assertiveness


Hard Skills

Master Semiotics
Master Big Data Visualization
Pro Mind Mapping
Pro Live Prototyping
Good Sketch App
Good Digital Web Design
Good Branding
Good Delivery Design
Master Usability
Master Ideation
Pro Neurology
Pro Psychology
Good Adobe Suite
Good Front-End
New Skill AI & SI in Finance
New Skill Blockchain Interface